You have a great hand and you raise , your raise is called by someone and you flop the nuts i.e the best hand possible with the cards available. Now some commentators on TV poker would have you believe that the best move here is to check – I don’t agree checking to a good player is not going to get you anymore action and your more likely to get a check from them and another card out which could ruin your hand and your day.

So do you go all in or make a big bet hoping that they will follow you in? again no in my experience this will result in them folding and you losing out on some extra cash. At this point we want as many of our chips in the middle and to get called as we have the best hand right!

The thing to do in this position is to bet small – I don’t mean stupidly small but smaller than say your raise – so if the pot is 600 then bet a hundred. 9 times out of ten as your opponent probably had an ok hand to call your raise they will be thinking that you have not hit on the flop and that your small bet is a weak attempt to bluff them out of the pot. Watch them raise you almost every time.

Now you dont really want to have a cheap card come out next as if you get outdrawn then so be it but when you have the best hand and your facing a raise then you want your chips in the middle – worst case you get outdrawn and that will suck but more often than not your opponent will fold as you move all in realising that you have trapped them good. The even better scenario is that they lose the plot thinking you are trying to bully them off the pot and they call and don’t outdraw you with anything on the turn or the river and you win very big.

Either way in the second two examples you have made the most of a good hand compared to letting your opponent have a cheap card or to knocking them off the hand with an outrageous big bet on the flop.

So remember – raise a good hand – hit on the flop – small bet – massive re raise – fingers crossed 🙂