It can be difficult knowing how much risk to take when you are gambling. You may be the sort of person who likes taking a risk or you may not like taking any risk at all.

In a casino you will normally need to take more risk if you want to win a bigger prize and if you take less of a risk you will potentially win something smaller. You will need to get a balance here. You will need to decide whether you are happy winning a smaller prize and taking less risk or whether you would rather win a big prize and take more risk.


If you think that it only worth playing if you can potentially get a really big jackpot then you will have to pay out more money and have a lower chance of winning. If you think that you would rather win more often and do not mind how much you win, then you will need to play the lower risk games.

These may not come match up, in that you may not like taking a risk, but think that the only prize worth winning is the high jackpot one. On the other hand you might be happy with taking a risk but enjoy winning so be happy to win more often even if it means that you get smaller prizes.

It is worth giving this some thought before you start playing any games as you will have more fun if you play it in a way that keeps you the happiest. Obviously there will be other factors that will have an influence on how much you enjoy it as well, such as how much you can afford, whether you like certain games and who you are playing with.

It is sensible to not to risk losing money that you cannot afford to lose. There is no guarantee of winning even if the game is a low risk and so you need to be really careful and only spend money that you can afford to lose.

There is no evidence that if you take big risks you are more successful than if you do not with regards to how much return you get on what you pay in. It is much better to see the money that you pay out as a fee for the enjoyment that you are having playing the game and any prizes as a bonus.