Tactics and the art of longer game playing is the short order of any day, so if your not rolling in dough, play small.

Tactic No 1: Games where a given round of betting is small, such as penny or nickel Slots means your bankroll can be in the hundreds or higher or $1 and $2 Blackjack can translate to a few thousand in the cashbox. If you’re a bad player and you start with a large stake and stick to small games, your going to burn out prior to the bankroll. Thus the mantra of the day is small stakes, small games…

Tactic No 2: Good odds, Smart bets – next up; Play Games with good or decent odds, leave Russian roulette for the Russians…. Take Baccarat for instance, let’s adopt a rule – your betting Player and even better, betting Bank but never betting Tie. Craps has basic rules you can win by and is pretty decent game if you only bet Pass/Don’t Pass and take the Odds bets unfailingly. Games with high payout ratios such as Slots, can be worthy but always check these, never assume anything, a ratio above 98% serves our purposes well.

O.k so you’ve got the good-odds/smart-bets-only approach down and ideally your walking in with a healthy bankroll, say 50 to 100 times your average betting round is the magic number. Now if you haven’t got that much in the cash box its advisable to head back to Tactic No 1: this way it may not be all over red rover.

Tactic No 3: Games that don’t rush!  Slow games as opposed to a slow internet connection. It may seem a little contradictory, what with the colour and speed of your average casino designed to maximize the movement of money across the table but games such as Keno or chatty games with low-stakes multi-player Poker can be a down right pleasure to play and can when skillfully played take all day. Pai Gow is another brainteaser, which can keep you entertained for long periods without burning a hole in your pocket.

Saving the trickiest for last, Tactic No 4: Learning and playing skill based games very well can be deeply satisfying. Blackjack and Poker are worldwide favourites and fabulous when you know your basic strategy (ie. playing without blowing every move). Its essential you remember the following Don’ts when playing Blackjack; Don’t Play Hunches, Don’t Wing it and Don’t listen to anyone else. Playing your Basic and keeping the table stakes low will maintain your interest.

You may wish to ask yourself, are there any guarantees in life – No? And thus, we finish up with Poker, an excellent skill based game but never a for sure thing! Its highly likely there will always be a better Poker player out there and they will be thankful to take your money. Golden rule for beginners, brush up on the values of the varying combinations of cards, seek the rookies, offer them a “free” poker lesson while slowly taking there money… This can often translate to a win/win situation, as in people like to be helped and You get to win! You will either have a poker mind or not, if you don’t find another game to play…

Remember also the simple act of breathing well is going to increase blood flow to your brain, which in turn stimulates your memory and your ability to be objective, which can contribute to the following reality “wow I’ve just won the last 17 rounds and collected a happy pocket full of money…”