The calls you make and the raises , re-raises and all ins are all subject to a lot of in game factors and if you stick rigidly to set rules then you will be an average player as there are hundreds of other online poker players reading similar material to you and then robotically putting it into practise.

What will set you apart is knowing when to break those rules and this will come with practise , practise , practise.

Don’t follow charts and don’t live your life by percentages – sure starting hands as explained earlier are good to know but they are not the be all and end all. Poker is a game of small advantages which will be exploited by the better player and for you to be that better player then you have to adapt to the game you are in every time.

Hands which may be folded in some games can become great hands in other games depending on who you are playing. A nice simple example of this is that playing behind two tight ass players on the blind it suddenly doesn’t matter to much what you have in your starting hand anymore so rigidly folding cards you think you should not raise or even play in this situation would be the wrong move. Sure you could get called but most often from here you will get a BB and a SB for your raise and one of those a round can keep you in with a fighting chance in a tourney.

The bottom line is the charts are a basic learning tool and they are not to be taken as literal, a bit like you need to know which hands beat which hands and what the word blind means in poker – if they were infallible then everyone would win the WSOP . The good players absorb that kind of information and then adapt it to in game situations to increase any slight edge they may have in a game. A combination of knowing what might be right for a robot and then applying that to a real life poker game. AQ may be a good calling hand even to a raise but not if the guy who is raising you only ever goes for a raise when he has AA – this is a very simplified example but you get my drift.

Don’t be a robot and you will find yourself taking the robots money.