In a large, rapidly growing industry survival can be tough for small brands and winning awards, especially those that are decided by customer polls is often out of the question.

Thankfully, in the bingo industry, award organisers have been taking steps to ensure that there are award categories that even the smallest brands can have a shot at winning.

Lets take a look at the 2016 WhichBingo Awards, they have opened several new categories which by their very nature offer a new playing field for the smaller names in the market to compete in.

Earning awards in the big title categories such as ‘Best Online Bingo Site’, may still be close to impossible due to the size of sites that usually scoop such titles. The reason for the difficulty is simple, if only a tiny percentage of Sun Bingo (for example) players vote for a given award category, the vote tally will come in far higher than the number that would be achieved by the same percentage of players at Rocket Bingo, for example.

Fortunately, the new categories that are open in the 2016 WhichBingo Awards offer plenty of scope for even the smallest of brands to have a run at becoming award winning. Take the category, ‘Best Cozy Games Bingo Site’ or ‘Best Jumpman Gaming Bingo Site’, categories which give sites offering bingo games such as Landmark Bingo and Rocket Bingo a really great opportunity to gain some brand recognition and the potential to earn an award.

These small brands often have considerably less budget than their larger competitors, however often they have a strong following of loyal players and some of the brands, such as Rocket Bingo actually punch well above their weight in terms of the promotions they offer.

On 20th May the results of the WhichBingo Awards will be published online after they are revealed in what is set to be a fairly glitzy ceremony held in the London Aquarium!

Thanks to six exciting new software categories, we believe the WhichBingo Awards of 2016 is set to be the most inclusive and highly anticipated award evening in the calendar.